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Black Volt Amplification Hawk Demo - PG Gear Spotlight

Black Volt Amplification Hawk Demo - PG Gear Spotlight

Handmade in Los Angeles, the Black Volt Hawk features reclaimed wood and grille cloths and aims to meld Fender and Marshall tones in a low-wattage design that can accommodate any octal power tube without re-biasing.


The ultimate stage, studio, and home amp.

Completely hand-wired, point to point circuitry.

Entire amp completely handmade in LA California

A groundbreaking new amp offering limitless tonal variation due to its' versatile single-ended power section.

Use any single octal base power tube including:

6V6 - 6L6 - EL34 - KT66 - KT77 - KT88 & EL84 with available adapter

Swap all of the classic power tubes with NO RE BIASING REQUIRED required to realize your desired tone.

Range from 3 to 15 Watts of output with 1/2 Power Switch

Includes the Black Volt “TRUE ATTENUATOR" to retain the true tone of your amp even at lower SPL / volumes and engineered to keep your amp safe and running cool even at 1/2 power.

The bright channel allows for higher gain and extra top end similar to a presence and gain boost.

Solid Pinewood cabinetry all built in house.

10" Speaker

The HAWK is opening the door to a price point that has never been available before to fans of the Black Volt sound.