A surprisingly modern setup for one of post-punk’s founding fathers.

The “modern” part of Gill’s rig is centered around these two MacBook Pro computers running Apple’s MainStage. For each song in the set, Gill has a specific patch that covers the tones he will need. The signal chain is rather complicated, but here’s a quick overview: It starts with a Boss TU-2 tuner before splitting out into a pair of Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interfaces. Those interfaces are connected to their own computer via USB. The 2i4s then each feed a Radial ProD2 DI which gives the FOH a MainStage-only mix. Each of the DI boxes also are connected to individual Radial ProRMPs, which feed the Peaveys.

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Andy Gill's Gear



  • Develop a better sense of subdivisions.
  • Understand how to play "over the bar line."
  • Learn to target chord tones in a 12-bar blues.
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Playing in the pocket is the most important thing in music. Just think about how we talk about great music: It's "grooving" or "swinging" or "rocking." Nobody ever says, "I really enjoyed their use of inverted suspended triads," or "their application of large-interval pentatonic sequences was fascinating." So, whether you're playing live or recording, time is everyone's responsibility, and you must develop your ability to play in the pocket.
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