DSM Humboldt Introduces the ClearComp 1078 Dynamic Threshold Compressor

A transparent compressor featuring unique Dynamic Threshold technology.

DSM offers a new DT Topology which dynamically modifies the threshold with a fixed gain reduction, achieving a natural and transparent compression effect, with lower noise floor, less coloring and higher dynamic range.


  • Compression: Controls the input gain of the compressor, hence, the resulting overall compression.
  • Ratio: Adjusts the gain reduction ratio, from slight compression (1:2) to full limiting (1:20).
  • Attack: Controls the attack time, from 5ms for snappy slaps to 100ms for a more natural feel.
  • Release: Adjusts the length of time the gain reduction is applied, from 30ms to 3s.
  • Blend: Blends the compressed signal with the unaffected input signal.
  • Level: Sets the output level of the compressor.
  • Threshold Switch: 3 position switch that sets the starting point of the dynamic threshold on either HI MID or LOW. Depending on the output level of the instrument being connected, select HI for high power pickups or active instruments, MID for regular output guitar and basses, and LOW for low output instruments, like vintage single coils.

DSM Humboldt ClearComp 1078 - Dynamic Threshold Compressor

The new ClearComp 1078 is priced at $299.00 USD and it will be available from early June in all stores. Additional information can be found at www.dsmhumboldt.com.

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