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Rig Rundown: Tori Ruffin

Morris Day and the Time’s lead axeman gets funky with Prince-influenced Schecters, JCM900s, and stomps that range from simple to sophisticated.

Tori Ruffin RR Photo2

Tori Ruffin’s main ride for Freak Juice and most other non-Time gigs is this Schecter Custom Shop PT. The PT has a swamp ash body with a quilted maple top, a reverse headstock, and it’s been a favorite for years because of its versatile pickup configuration with a custom-shop mini-humbucker in the neck, a Schecter MonsterTone Stack in the middle position, and a Schecter Apocalypse in the bridge. This being a Freak Juice axe, he typically tunes in drop C# or drop C, uses Ernie Ball Super Slinkys (.011–.052), and he always hammers away with a Dunlop Extra Heavy Gels.

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