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Rig Rundown: Guns N' Roses

The gear of Slash, Duff McKagan, and Richard Fortus finally revealed.

McKagan gets most of his tonal variety from his hands or pick, but occasionally he will have his longtime tech, Mike “Mcbob” Mayhue engage an MXR M109 6-Band Graphic EQ and/or an Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus pedal (1980s vintage). McBob also uses a Radial JX44 switcher for bass changes. The JX44 also has an effects loop used for the chorus and EQ pedal. Everything is powered by a T-Rex Fuel Tank. Flow starts at the bass out to four Shure UHF-R dual band wireless receivers (switching to Shure Axient Digital next year). The four receivers route into the four inputs of the JX44, out of the JX44 (four outputs, two are stereo), and out to Duff’s two Gallien-Kruger MB 800s (one main and one backup), out to two Fender Super Bassmans (one main and one backup).

Special thanks to Slash's tech Adam Day and Duff's tech Mike “Mcbob” Mayhue who have both been with the band since Appetite for Destruction.

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