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10 Soundhole Pickups for All Styles of Steel-String Strummers

Fishman soundhole

Whether you’re looking to conjure crisp clarity or crunchy character from your steel-string, these 10 soundhole pickups cover a range of sounds and prices.

LR BAGGS M1 Active

This active pickup promises 1,000 hours of playing time on a single battery. Its built-in volume control, gold-plated 1/8" jack, and adjustable pole pieces offer flexibility and high-quality feedback-resistant sound.

$229 street


With a custom-designed internal preamp and adjustable pole pieces, this pickup is built to deliver clarity with a low noise floor and a broad frequency response.

$159 street


This passive humbucker includes an onboard volume control and adjustable pole pieces, and comes in black, cream, and tortoiseshell trim options.

$89 street

RECORDING KING Gold Foil Soundhole Pickup

For lo-fi, old-school sounds, it doesn’t get any simpler—or more affordable—than this.

$49 street

CURTIS NOVAK DA-1200 Soundhole

This customized copy of the iconic DeArmond soundhole pickups comes in three coil options—vintage, hot, and GT. It’s available with either 250k or 500k volume pots, and can be configured with various cable options.

$359 street


Available in both humbucking and single-coil models, this low-current active neodymium pickup runs for up to 240 hours on a set of batteries.

$219 street


With a custom maple, walnut, or black-stain housing, these double-potted humbuckers deliver an elegant look.

$79 street

MOJOTONE Quiet Coil NC-1

This active option is voiced to mimic the sound of a condenser mic and promises over 500 hours on a pair of lithium batteries.

$199 street

BARTOLINI 3AV Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup

Designed to be installed on a soundhole’s bridge side, this stacked-coil hum-canceling pickup features ceramic magnets and B-string mass compensation.

$136 street


This active neodymium humbucker features a mahogany-capped birch housing and comes with a 1/8" to 1/4" cable.

$119 street