All 12 axes featured as Guitar of the Month in 2011.

"This 1969 Guild Duane Eddy 400яmade during the initial runуs final yearяis a semi-hollowbody with a bound, arched spruce top, maple back and sides, mahogany neck, and a 20-fret bound rosewood fretboard. To accommodate Eddyуs penchant for right-hand note bends, the 400 has a Bigsby vibratoяstamped with the Guild logo and рGс rather than the standard Bigsby branding. Additional points of interest are the bound headstock with the Chesterfield-style Guild logo, Eddyуs signature on the pickguard (rather than the more typical headstock or truss-rod cover), and the dual humbuckers that have been described as having a crisp, midrange bark."