“Strangled cat" and "glassy Jonny Greenwood” are just two attitudes the former Beck and Shins sidewoman engages in her band’s adventurous indie-rock.

This 1964 Fender Jaguar was Jessica’s first vintage-guitar purchase and was eventually used as a sort-of business card when auditioning for the Beck gig. Coming through a Smiths phase and loving Johnny Marr’s guitar work, she scored it from a humble music store in her hometown of Fullerton, CA. “I really like that they’re similar to a Jazzmaster in feel and appearance,” says Dobson. “But I think the Jaguar is a bridge towards a Strat—this one has a buttery midrange to it—and I grew up playing a Strat-style Yamaha Pacifica, so I instantly felt comfortable with the ’64.” The only change she’s made on the instrument has been upgrading the stock bridge to a Mastery. (This decision was partly made because during her audition for Beck, she was playing “Devils Haircut” and the 6th string flicked right off the bridge. Luckily, she had worked through a few other songs and wasn’t seen as a deterrent as she still got the job.)

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