Isaiah Mitchell and Mike Eginton demo their psych-rock toys, including a couple of new Tyrant amps and vintage gear from Dan Armstrong, Sunn, and Acoustic.

Isaiah Mitchell runs a Rattlesnake cable from his guitar into a TC Electronic PolyTune Mini. From there, the signal hits a Diaz Texas Ranger, a Hex Electronics Arby’s overdrive/boost, his own TYM Guitars signature Seaweed Fuzz pedal, a Dunlop Cry Baby Mini, a SIB Electronics Echodrive, and a Strymon Flint. All the pedals sit on a Pedaltrain board and are powered by a Pedaltrain power supply. The cables are a mix of Rattlesnake, TYM and George L.

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Why Fender + Fender (or other brands) = more than the sum of their own signature sounds.

This column is not for the faint of back, but the rewards of such potentially heavy lifting are great. In my previous columns "Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate: Classic Guitar & Fender-Amp Pairings" (May 2020) and "Finding Perfect Tones in Imperfect Amps" (January 2021), I've discussed classic Fender amp and guitar pairings and how to EQ and tweak amps to get ideal tones. Let's take it a step further and discuss how to combine multiple amps to achieve even more complex, richer tones.

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