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“Strangled cat" and "glassy Jonny Greenwood” are just two attitudes the former Beck and Shins sidewoman engages in her band’s adventurous indie-rock.


Dobson’s connection with the Jazzmaster started during her time with Beck. He opened up his vault of vintage instruments for her to use onstage and the one that stole her heart was a ’63 or ’64 sunburst Jazzmaster. After leaving his camp, she knew she had to land her own, so she ventured down to her local Huntington Beach guitar store and she saw the above Fender Elvis Costello Jazzmaster. The only two changes she has made to the instrument was updating the bridge with a Mastery and at some point she lost the long-armed trem bar and has since replaced it with a shorter, non-Jazzmaster arm. “For Deep Sea Diver, I play a lot of melodic, single-note jangly stuff,” says Dobson of her favored instrument. “I have really small hands, but the setup of this guitar makes playing really easy. I can make it sound like a strangled cat or smooth and glassy like Jonny Greenwood.” All of her guitars take D’Addario NYXLs (.011–.052) and she plucks away with Jim Dunlop Tortex .60 mm picks.

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