Capcom and Kramer both wanted a piece of this South American shredder and mash-up master. Travel below the equator to see his studio setup.

Charlie Parra RR photo4

When the gig calls for it, or he needs a little inspiration from pedals, he’ll kick on one of these devices. At first glance, you see a host of American classics—MXR GT-OD, MXR Carbon Copy, and MXR M234 Analog Chorus.

Supporting the boutique builders in Peru, the rest of his board features stomps from small brands in Lima—(top left) Yawar Electronics K’illa Delay, Full Mojo Electronics Abisal Chorus (fish/tentacle), FME Echo Trip Delay (dinosaur), and a FME Rocket Booster. (If you look close enough on the Booster, you’ll see a cartoon Charlie shredding off into oblivion!)

Up top he has a MXR Smart Gate to squelch any unwanted buzz or hiss, and the Ernie Ball VPJR Tuner Pedal harness his volume and keeps his sig Vs in check. (Not pictured: for any ’verb tones, he uses a Sonicake Digital Reverb.)

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