An easy-to-use multi-head octave echo with solid foundational delay tones and weirdness on tap.

Deceptively deep but easy to use. Great for every day delay tones and deep freakouts.

Glitch and warp settings could get same-y over time.


SolidGoldFX EM-III Multi-Head Octave Echo


The EM-III from SolidGoldFX starts with a foundation of warm, analog-like digital delay and builds a bevy of functionality on top. It's a powerful pedal, and thanks to a simple and well-considered set of controls, it's intuitive and practical too.

The basic delay sound is easily controlled via time, repeat, and level controls, while flutter and color knobs allow users to tweak modulation and tone settings. Switching the center toggle to the left selects up to three delay heads; switching to the right activates the pedal's octave-down setting. With these controls, it's easy to access solid, foundational delay tones or head for totally twisted, but controlled, sonic space.

The self-oscillation and tape-snap sounds should be considered a requirement for any "Maggot Brain" cover you have in the works.

The EM-III's secret personality is unleashed by holding down the bypass and tap switches, which have secondary functionality for glitch and warp respectively. The self-oscillation and tape-snap sounds contained in these switches can be as weird or as subtle as you want, depending on how long you hold them down, and should be considered a requirement for any "Maggot Brain" cover you have in the works. The EM-III is a heavy hitter with a heart of gold, tons of personality, and all the warbly bliss you can imagine.

SolidGoldFX EM-III Multi-Head Octave Echo Demo - First Look

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