Blueridge BG-2500
Blueridge's BG-2500 Super Jumbo has a gorgeous flame maple back and sides, spruce top, sweet, hefty neck, art deco bridge and barks like a 200 pound hound.

Earthquaker Devices Organizer, Tone Job, and Rainbow Machine
Earthquaker Devices is up to their usual sickness. The Organizer lends your guitar organ tones and odd oscillations. The Tone Job is a simple but effective cut/boost EQ and boost. The Rainbow Machine is a pitch shifting, tone twisting, dimension altering piece of hardware that sounds freaking incredible.

Santa Cruz Guitars Baritone
Santa Cruz Guitars brought some show stoppers this year as part of their Support Your Local Guitar Shop program, including this Sycamore and Italian Spruce dread-bodied baritone.

Fender Pawn Shop Amps
Fender's new Pawn Shop amps on display at their NAMM preview party: 15-watt Excelsior (left) and 1-watt Greta (right). The Excelsior features three inputs, guitar, mic, and accordion, for different tones and will retail around $400. The Greta is a desktop amp that has an iPod in and can be used as a tube preamp to drive a clean larger amp. Greta will retail around $250.