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The Year in Gear 2015

Our favorite guitars, basses, amps, effects, and accessories from the last 12 months.


Crazy Tube Circuits Splash Mk3

There often seems to be an extra level of ingenuity in Crazy Tubes pedals. Indeed, the Splash Mk 3 knocked us out with many layers of practical functionality stuffed into an otherwise ordinary-looking enclosure. With the help of a magic “excite” knob and a three-mode ’verb switch, the Mk 3 easily moves from subtle to super spacious.
$248 street

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In the years we’ve compiled our annual list of Premier Gear Award winners, we’ve probably never seen a list more eclectic than 2015’s. From high-gain monster amps and atmospheric reverbs to mini overdrives and wahs, 2015’s award winners covered all the bases.

As always, it was a joy to see how both big-time musical instrument industry players and little shops a step removed from the garage managed to haul in Premier Guitar’s prize for gear excellence. And if anyone’s counting, we’re pretty sure we also set a record for Premier Gear Award winners. So we hope you’re comfy—this list of primo gear may take some time to cover.