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Premier Guitar’s July/Acoustic issue offers a perfect showcase for acoustic gear!Alongside PG’s digital edition (225,000+ subscribers) we will include a special “Acoustic Gear Showcase” advertising section to highlight your featured product(s) in full page and half page formats. This digital showcase includes links to your website so readers can hear audio clips, see demo videos and find your dealers. PG will drive traffic to the showcase from multiple platforms, including 500,000 banner impressions on; social media promotion on PG’s Facebook and Twitter pages; and outreach to 225,000-plus PG newsletter subscribers.

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Electro-Harmonix reveals the full line of NYC DSP Series pedals. This series consists of a pack of nine pico-sized stompboxes that draw from some of the company's most iconic effects.

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Stymon’s new UltraViolet pedal recreates the sound and feel of the original Shin Ei Univibe units from the ‘60s, popularized by players like Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, David Gilmour and Doyle Bramhall II, but adds a number of different options that were never available on the original units for greater flexibility.

Housed in the same smaller chassis as Strymon’s recent Cloudburst and Brig releases, Ultraviolet also takes advantage of all of the features of the new platform, including full MIDI implementation and 300 presets, USB-C connectivity, stereo IO on TRS jacks, a rear-panel mono-stereo switch and a discrete JFET input preamp for unmatched touch-sensitivity and tone.

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The effects guru puts two historic pedals—the TS808 and the Nobels ODR-1—inside a single box, with a fresh circuit design that allows for four variations on their revered voices.

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