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GALLERY: Gear Search Gallery 2010

A fresh look at the instruments for sale on Gear Search featured in PG''s Gear Search Gallery in 2010.

December - 1959 Ampeg Jet
"The release of the Ampeg Jet model in January of 1958 came shortly before the entire line of Ampeg amps received a cosmetic update. In the middle of у58, the amps lost the cream covering and pink grills in favor of the рNavy Random Flairс vinyl covering and silver grills. The 1959 Jet featured here is an excellent example of the move to the more understated cosmetics. This Jet is all original except for the two 6V6 and one 5Y3 rectifier tubes, which have been replaced with NOS Sovteks. Basically a stripped-down Rocket, this 15-watt Jet features two inputs, single volume and tone controls, a tremolo circuitя minus the depth control featured on the Rocketяand one 12"" Jensen Concert DP-Alnico-5 6613 speaker. The amp has a unique, rich sound that gives a nice satisfying crunch when pushed. Thanks to Lawrence Lemaol at Classic Guitars Ltd. for listing this amp on Gear Search. "